Thursday, 27 November 2014

Monster Spiritclaw's Bio

Name: Monster
Full name: Monster Spiritclaw
Animal: Some sort of spirit in the shape of an otter
Personality: Monster is very aggressive, mature and hard-headed. It (Monster is genderless) is cold, self-centered and a loner.
Other info: Monster is a very strange animal; it seems to be some kind of spirit. Lots of Jammers are afraid of it.
Lives in: Nowhere specific, but never seems to come out of the dark.
Fun fact: For unknown reasons, Monster Spiritclaw's appearance almost completely changes underwater. It's bone-like spine and tail dissapear, same for it's white monster-like claw. It also loses it's necklace. For unknown reasons, it has wings when underwater. As soon as it comes to the surface, it's appearance changes back to normal. However, this is rarely seen, because Monster prefers to stay on land, and you would be lucky to see it's underwater form.

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