Thursday, 4 December 2014

Twinkle Snowyjoy's Bio

Name: Twinkle (prefers to be called 'Merry')
Full name: Twinkle Snowyjoy
Animal: Deer
Nickname: Christmas Lover
Personality: Twinkle is a very happy, caring, friendly deer. She is willing to be friends with anyone, and absolutely loves The Jamaalidays, and giving presents to others. She believes there is good in everyone, and that no one should be judged because they may do bad things. She'll forgive every apology given to her. She even sees good in the Phantoms, and tries to talk to them sometimes, but ends up having to be saved because she gets too close.
Pets: Hypersky (in the image below) and Megadeer
Lives in: Gingerbread House

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