Friday, 27 February 2015

Superhorse's Bio

Name: Superhorse
Nicknames: King, Idiot
Animal: Pony
Personality: Superhorse is an egotistical, ill-tempered, selfish, bad-mannered pony. He claims to be the king of Jamaa. He tends to be clumsy. He tries to act like the hero who saves the day, trying to help 'damsels in distress' (he only does it to keep his reputation as a king), but fails miserably. He thinks little of others. (so to sum it all up kind of like King Julian from Madagascar. lol)
Deep down though, Superhorse is very judgmental of himself, covering up how he really is with a fake personality, in fear of being bullied and hated on for being weak and sensitive, which has happened in the past, and has been emotionally scarred/traumatized for life. His fake personality was intended to be brave and heroic, but ended up having a completely different result.
Owner: None. He doesn't want to be taking orders from someone else, and tries to prove himself independent.
Lives in: Castle

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