Saturday, 22 February 2014

My Opinion on Diamond Shop

Eh well eh.

It's kinda annoying how you have to wait 10 weeks to save up for an animal, or whatever you want. You only get one diamond every week. But after you get it, you're happeh. :D Although it's also making some items less rare. And if you're a member and you don't have an Arctic Wolf, you feel really left out. And a lot of the members with spikes kinda become mean all like "I HAVE A SPIKE I RULE DIS GAME" it is a bit out of hand... I don't find spikes AS good as everyone else (dun hate meh ;-;), but they're still pretty cool I guess. :3 Idk why, but not very fond of the spiked wristbands though.

And now, here's the obvious - Non-members can't get nearly anything good from there. Eh, lucky I'm a member at least. If my mother let me, I'd actually do a free membership giveaway on here. o-o I do agree it is annoying being a non-member, I still remember what it was like... ono

Speaking of diamond shop~! :3 I'm getting an Eagle next week on Tuesday (or Monday in America maybe? xD) Ish so excited, I'll make a blog about that too! :3

Thanks so much for a-readin'! :D

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