Saturday, 22 February 2014

Welcome to My Blog!

Here I make... lots of things! I might add jokes, some of my AJ videos, my opinions on AJ things, I could post anything on here! :3

Now, let's get started. Here's who I am.

My name's Chloe (or Fang99999, or Fang), Dutch-Australian, and I love to make people laugh. This is why I started making AJ videos, because I thought that my sense of humor could come out really nicely by playing it! I've actually been playing AJ since it came out, and sometime in 2013 I started to record and make videos of it. I actually think it worked really nicely! If you want, you can check them out. My YouTube channel is called Chloe Rytherr, also known as "The Rytherr Show". I'm also a big fan of Sonic-- well.. not the games... just the characters and stuff xD yeah I'm weird. Whenever I see another Sonic fan I literally just freak out. x3 is anyone else here a Sonic fan? =D if so who's your favorite character? Mine is Silver. Anyway...

Be sure to follow this blog, it may take a while for me to get used to this whole new "Blogger" thing, but trust me, I think after I've made a lot of posts, it would've been worth the wait! This is just the start! ^-^


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