Monday, 2 June 2014

Mythical Thegiraffe Bio

Name: Mythical
Full name: Mythical Thegiraffe
Animal: Giraffe
Nicknames: Scary, crazy spider lady
Personality/Backstory: Mythical is a very strange girl. She is into spiders (mostly tarantulas) and can actually communicate with them, and hear what they're saying. As soon as her parents found out about this they became afraid of her (her parents were afraid of spiders), and thought she was half-spider. They then kicked her out. She grew up as a very creepy and unsocial giraffe.
Pets: She has 800+ tarantulas, but her best friend is Redninja. She carries Redninja with her all the time.
Lives in: Haunted Mansion
(By the way, the spider to the left of that picture is Redninja, her best friend as stated in her Pets section.)

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