Wednesday, 30 April 2014

Mythical Theturtle Bio

Name: Mythical
Full name: Mythical Theturtle
Nicknames: Skull Knight, Spike Ninja
Animal: Turtle
Personality: Mythical acts very serious and mature. She also acts rather docile and calm, and she talks in a very soothing and calm tone of voice.
Lives: Just travels everywhere around the sea
Fun fact: She sometimes fights off evil by spiking up the spikes on her shell, taking the shell off, and stabbing at them with it. She may also use it as a shield. Some would often compare this to a knight's swordsery (or whatever it's called o3o), which is where she got the name 'Skull Knight', the knight-like attacks and her skull markings. Some call her a Spike Ninja just because she is often quite, and she is mostly black.

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