Tuesday, 29 April 2014

Meet My Characters! Your Chance to Meet One of Your Favorite Characters From Fang99999's Animal Jam Blog!

Hello all! Here's a message from all of my characters! All of you reading this can meet my characters!
1. Leave a comment telling your username, and the character you want to meet (can be more then one).
2. Friend me.
3. Wait for me to accept your friend request next time I get on.
4. You can come anytime we're both online and meet the character you wanted to see!

ANY of my current characters you can see! As long as you have a required animal to see it, by this I mean like, if you want to see one of my water animals, then you'll have to have a Water animal too.

Bye from my characters, and hope to see you! (Ik the pic is horrible o3o and no these aren't all the characters you can see, you can see any of them I just couldn't put them all in it XD)

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