Tuesday, 15 April 2014

Victory Thehorse Bio

Name: Victory
Full name: Victory Thehorse
Animal: Horse
Personality: Her personality is comparable to Jet the Hawk's (from "Sonic Riders") personality. She is often rude and she will insult most people who lose against her in a Jamaa Derby race. Speaking of Jamaa Derby, she is very skilled at it and rarely comes anything but first. It isn't too common to find her being kind to someone. She will get very mad at anyone who wins against her and will keep doing races until she wins, no matter what it takes. As she doesn't want to lose her reputation. She's also egotistic as she will always brag about her impressive Jamaa Derby skills. (Yep it's pretty much an AJ horse version of Jet the Hawk XD)
Lives in: Ol' Barn
Random fact: It is unknown why, but she has black wings. She cannot actually use them, though. No one knows why she has wings, but she just doesn't really care, and says that it looks cool on her anyway.

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