Tuesday, 15 April 2014

Monster Theshark's Bio

Name: Monster
Full name: Monster Theshark
Personality: Monster is a demonic shark summoned by the Phantoms. His purpose is to kill Jammers (which always end up being saved), and he is feared by many. He doesn't really have a personality, and doesn't even talk. He only kills. He is always being hunted by the Alphas, but they never succeed in defeating him.
Lives in: Usually found in Deep Blue, but can be found anywhere underwater.
Fun facts:
-His mouth acts like a black hole, and sucks in victims close to him.
-It's said staring into his pitch-black mouth for too long can steal your soul.
-Rumor has it that he doesn't feel pain.

(he's a bit of a mary sue sry xD)

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