Tuesday, 15 April 2014

Mythical Thepenguin Bio

Name: Mythical
Full name: Mythical Thepenguin
Personality: Mythical's personality is simple yet hard to explain. She is a hipster and her appearance pretty much explains her whole personality. She loves to dance and if she cannot dance she will be ticked off. She's disappointed in her name, Mythical, as it does not suit her one bit. There weren't any good name options. She usually just calls herself "DJ", "Awesomesauce" etc. (I failed at the personality description but HER PERSONALITY IS HARD TO EXPLAIN OK JUST LOOK AT HER PIC AND U WILL GET HER PERSONALITY XD)
Lives in: She doesn't exactly live anywhere, but she usually sleeps in Club Geoz. So she's technically homeless but somewhat considers Club Geoz her home.

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