Tuesday, 29 April 2014

Phoenix Spiritbrave Bio

Name: Phoenix
Animal: Fire Leopard
Full name: Phoenix Spiritbrave
Former name: Mythical Quietleopard
Personality: Phoenix is a rebellious tomboy with an attitude. She finds joy in using her fire powers on anyone who deserves it, sometimes she might also fire a little flame at someone who annoys her. She has a short temper and is impatient most of the time. She is overly egotistic and will often insult people she finds to be 'worse' then her. Phoenix's real name is Mythical, but she hated her name so she just introduced herself to everyone as Phoenix, and now everyone just calls her that. Later she also decided the last two letters: Spiritbrave. She is seemingly obsessed with fire. She will never admit to making a mistake, if she does she'll just say something like "WOW. Do you think I'd do that? Do you REALLY think I'm THAT stupid?" and then she'll keep coming up with excuses, such as "No, that was just a warm-up! And you didn't let me finish!" and will keep coming up with excuses, it'd take probably a million tries until she'll eventually admit it.
Lives in: Lives in Volcano den, has fire-related furniture everywhere in her den and has a bunch of couches, jukeboxes etc. to keep her entertained and have fun, although she usually destroys everything with her fire, which she pleasures doing as she finds it fun.

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